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Top 10 warehouse management course online

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Warehouse managers are responsible for managing labor, employees, workloads, scheduling, outside vendors, and overall operations while striving to maximize efficiency and productivity.

They must also strike a balance between increasing productivity and introducing cutting-edge technological projects and procedures in order to avoid making too many improvements at once and halting warehouse production.

Because there are so many facets to warehouse management, continuing education and professional advancement are essential to its success.

In order to become as productive and effective as possible, we have compiled some of the best training courses from renowned educational institutions, training companies, and warehouse management specialists.

Now let’s move to the top 10 best warehouse management courses online for 2022

Distribution and Logistics Management

Provider: ed2go

Course information

  • A self-paced or instructor-led online course.
  • Access for 6 weeks or 3 months.
  • 24-course hours.

Cost: $149

How you will benefit

  • You can learn the abilities needed to carry out a vital job function
  • With plans and techniques for success, you might feel more assured in your capacity to perform successfully in a new position
  • Open up fresh chances at other companies


Management of distribution and logistics is a crucial business activity. In order to satisfy customer needs, purchase and manage inventory, oversee incoming and outgoing shipments, save expenses, save time, and achieve business goals, professionals in this industry are essential.

In addition to teaching you how to establish and manage a logistics function, this course will also demonstrate how to be successful by combining various methods and techniques.

All aspects of distribution and logistics management will be studied, including warehouse selection, physical distribution, inventory management, material handling, packing, order fulfillment, customer service, receiving, manufacturing stores, and returned items.

Key technological challenges including enterprise resource planning (ERP), electronic data exchange (EDI), bar coding, electronic commerce (e-commerce), and distribution resource planning will also be covered in the course (DRP).

Advanced Warehouse Management Guide

Provider: Oracle JD Edwards

Course information

  • The program contains documentation and software

Cost: Free

How you will benefit

  • By defining such qualities, you can create a logical model of your warehouse in as much depth as necessary.
  • To enable the system to match goods to storage places based on the properties of the items and locations, build a logical model of every item in your warehouse.
  • By establishing guidelines for the system to follow, you can manage how the supply is selected, kept, and restocked.
  • Utilizing either user input or automated system-generated suggestions, move merchandise to and from designated places.
  • To increase efficiency, arrange your employees’ visits through the warehouse in a certain order.
  • Verify stock movement with the fewest number of keystrokes possible.
  • To respond to questions and enhance customer support, share stock movement information with other JD Edwards World platforms.
Oracle JD Edwards

Oracle JD Edwards

JD Edwards World’s Advanced Warehouse Management Reference, a detailed document that covers it all from daily organization to long-term compliance measures, and beyond, is the most complete warehouse management reference available to warehouse managers.

The manual also offers a thorough examination of all Oracle JD Edwards World software alternatives, covering data sheets and other tools that may be utilized to strengthen your warehouse’s procedures, that are most frequently employed in warehouses.

Supply Chain Management Course

Provider: Brentwood Open Learning College

Course information

  • A 20-hour online class
  • No enrolment fees, No completion fees
  • The same world-class teachings and industry insights

Cost: Free

How you will benefit

  • You will cost no fee to take this cost from anywhere in the world and be offered inclusive of all study materials and learning resources.
  • After finishing your free online certificate course, you will have the choice to pay a low price to obtain one of the following three certificates: An official Course Completion Certificate from Brentwood Open Learning College, a CPD Accredited Certificate to boost your CPD profile, and an Endorsed Certificate issued by the Quality Licence Scheme.
Brentwood Open Learning College

Brentwood Open Learning College

Supply Chain Management Course, a 20-hour online course that teaches the fundamentals of a supply chain, would be extremely helpful for current or prospective warehouse managers who are wanting to learn more about the supply chain management field.

This no-cost supply chain course focuses on the idea of modern supply chain management from a commercial standpoint. It examines how the supply chain functions, important supply chain linkages, and much more.

Both experienced supply chain professionals and anyone fresh to the field will benefit greatly from taking this course.

Warehouse Operations Best Practices: 55 Awesome Tips and Tactics to Help Improve Warehouse Management and Operations

Provider: Camcode

Cost: Free

How you will benefit

  • Maintain clear aisles for effective inventory flow.
  • Use the floor space properly.
  • Through the use of lean techniques, increase cycle time utilization.


Camcode gathered a quite concise list of best practices from a number of sources to make it easier to analyze a large amount of information on warehouse operation best practices.

This blog post from Camcode offers 55 strategies for enhancing warehouse management and operations, with the goal of helping readers become industry leaders and deliver the greatest outcomes for their businesses.

Asset tracking, safety and risk management, logistics for warehouse operations, optimizing warehouse operations, and inventory management for warehouse managers are all topics covered in tips and techniques.

Warehouse Management: Strategy, Implementation & Control

Provider: AZTech

Course information

  • Finding, organizing, and running the warehouse
  • Implementing Lean ideas into practice in the warehouse.
  • Segmenting Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) to create an inventory strategy.
  • The value chain’s function of the warehouse.
  • Developing an executive KPI dashboard and a metrics program.

Cost: $4,950

How you will benefit

  • Learn about the function of the warehouse in the whole supply chain.
  • Find out the operational procedures for warehouses.
  • Create an inventory plan for the storage facility.
  • Utilize information technology to raise awareness.
  • Create a program for performance management to promote change.


This five-day course is held in Dubai.

Best-practice warehouses serve as a tightly-integrated component of a company’s value chain, delivering higher customer satisfaction as well as return on investment.

This course’s goal is to demonstrate how to use all of the necessary tools for the efficient administration of warehouses and retail spaces. This AZTech training course covers how to assess processes and how to enhance ways by removing unnecessary expenditures and tasks.

Participants in it receive a crash education in a variety of subjects, including warehouse structure, Lean warehousing concepts, inventory/SKU strategies, value chain theories, and developing KPIs that take into account a warehouse’s specific measurements. Each graduate receives both a CILT and an AZTech certificate.

Warehousing Management IIMM Course

Provider: IIMM

Cost: Contact for a quote



Every aspiring warehouse or supply chain manager should be familiar with the essential foundations of planning warehouse operations, quality assurance, and information technology, which are covered in this 40-hour self-paced course.

Although warehouse management is a useful subject for various markets, people who deal in or with the Indian market can benefit most from it.

6 Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse Management System

Provider: StitchLabs

Cost: Free

How you will benefit

  • Tidying up warehouses is time-consuming, irritating, and drains a manager’s mental resources, which has an impact on the bottom line.
  • To improve choosing and create a more effective system, you can make top-selling goods easier to find.
  • Examine your stock organization and order information to position in the warehouse those goods that ship together regularly.
6 Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse Management System

6 Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse Management System

With this SlideShare, Stitch Labs aims to assist warehouse managers in streamlining system operations to promote efficiency, increase sales, and become more organized. The brief eBook-style book 6 Ways to Optimize Your Warehouse Management System provides explanations for each recommendation.

Five Strategies for Improving Inventory Management Across Complex Supply Chain Networks

Provider: scdigest

Cost: Free

Five Strategies for Improving Inventory Management Across Complex Supply Chain Networks

Five Strategies for Improving Inventory Management Across Complex Supply Chain Networks

Supply Chain Digest provides insightful information on the possible difficulties and successes associated with inventory management as a result of its “CSCO Insights” series.

The guide includes useful, real-world indicators that can be used to improve your own warehouse’s inventory planning procedures in addition to industry-approved suggestions and methods.

To complete the deal, the PDF concludes with a list of the top five methods used to describe some of the most challenging inventory circumstances.

Promising Practices: Warehousing and Inventory Management

Provider: SIAPS_Program

Cost: Free

Promising Practices Warehousing and Inventory Management

Promising Practices Warehousing and Inventory Management

A comprehensive guideline on warehousing and inventory management has been put out by SIAPS Program, a global organization that seeks to increase access to pharmaceutical and medical services.

The knowledge in this manual is general and applicable to many industries, but warehouse managers who work in the pharmaceutical industry should find it particularly useful. Even in the most remote corners of the world, its “Outsourcing” section offers some lesser-known methods for acquiring and maintaining outside workers.

Greg’s Top Tips for Warehouse Accuracy

Provider: one877GregDow

Cost: Free

How you will benefit

  • You can choose readable barcodes for the components and goods in your warehouse.
  • To ensure scanners and labels are compatible, you can test intended readers with your barcodes.
  • Use barcodes for location marking and all data entering.
Gregs Top Tips for Warehouse Accuracy

Gregs Top Tips for Warehouse Accuracy

In Greg’s Top Tips for Warehouse Accuracy, a SlideShare that delivers information from a presentation in the form of a white paper, barcoding expert and warehouse process specialist Greg Dow offers remedies for typical warehouse system design mistakes.

Wrapping Up

It’s time to make use of the various resources available on the market right now if you are a warehouse, distribution, or supply chain manager—or simply an aspirant—and you want to expand your skill set.

With our cherry picks of the top 10 warehouse management courses online in 2022, we hope you will gain more knowledge about the field you are interested in

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